Physical Health

Physical Health

Physical health is the state of being free from illness or injury. It can cover a wide range of areas including healthy diet, healthy weight, dental health, personal hygiene and sleep. Physical health is vital for overall well-being

Does your mind sometimes feel overworked 
and your body underused?
Do you want to feel more capable
and confident in your body to
carry and present yourself better?

You may not realize how your body affects your friendships, grades or, your entire life experience. How you feel and function in your body means so much; it’s still the most important way we meet and interact with the world.

I’ll be using the natural surrounding terrain and the gym facility for the movement possibilities it provides. My exercise routine takes a cognitive approach to physical activity and uses a wide range of innovative exercises (e.g., blindfolded movement exercises, trampoline, high-speed video recording and analysis, explorations of my relationship to gravity, etc.) I am doing this to apply the powers of concentration and problem solving we possess into the body for better bodily awareness.

Along the way, I’ll not only develop better balance, strength, flexibility and coordination, but a more robust and better balanced me. If you’re interested in improving how you feel and function in your body, this website is for you—even if (especially if) you’ve never been inside a gym.


The purpose of this routine is to offer  a new perspective on the importance of our bodily experience to our cognitive and social lives.

The content is designed to foster a working appreciation for how better bodily awareness can positively affect how we feel in our bodies, carry and present ourselves for improved social sensitivity and more successful social interactions.

While exercise includes basic physical training for motor skill development, better balance, strength and flexibility, the greater emphasis is on a “mindful” exploration of our physicality.

In the process, I will become more fluent in an inner “language” of sensations and perceptions that constitute an on-going communication between the mind and body in terms of kinesthetic awareness and proprioception.

The goals are to frame the lifelong role of the body in cognitive development and pursuits, and to educate physically toward better bodily awareness for improved self-awareness and confidence to positively affect the social dimensions of our experience so important to a successful life and career.

‘ll submit a video journal entry, no more than 5 minutes in length by the end of each week.

The nature of the routine I’m doing is such that more is better.

The more frequently I can find time to do the few, key exercises (takes about 10–15 minutes), the more quickly it is to develop proficiency and transform bodily awareness.

Everyday is optimal. Two–three days a week  works well. A yoga mat or towel on the floor or the like is all the area we need for the exercises we’ll be doing

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